Robo 2 0 Telugu Movie Review

Robo 2 0 Telugu Movie Review

Robo 2.0 Telugu Movie Review - 4/5

robo 2.0 telugu movie sensational hit

Starring : Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar, Amy Jackson

Director : S. Shankar

Producer : A. Subaskaran

Music Director : A.R. Rahman

Cinematographer : Nirav Shah

Editor : Anthony

Post the release of Baahubali, 2.0 is the only film which has created such a sensation and pre-release hype all over. Touted to be the costliest film ever made in Indian cinema, the visual extravaganza has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.


The film is based in Chennai where mobiles phones get disappearing all of a sudden because of a deadly bird called Pakshi Raju(Akshay Kumar). The government has no clue what this is all about and orders Vaseegaran(Ranjini) to bring back Chitti and deal with the bird. To his suprise, Pakshi Raju kills Chitti and leaves everyone in tension. This is the time Vasi’s personal robot Vennela(Amy Jackson) creates a new version of Chitti and prepares it to fight with Pakshi Raju. Rest of the story is as to how the 2.0 Chitti fights Pakshi Raju and saves everyone

Plus Points :

The first and foremost thing that hits you right away is the sheer scale of the film. Apart from having a genuine social message, Shankar has imagined something really different and made a visual spectacle which everyone can be just proud of. You can’t but praise the magnanimity of the project as every penny spent is showcased through some of the best ever visuals on screen.

Rajinikanth like always surprises you with his enthusiasm. Here he plays different characters and does justice to each one of them. Especially, the 2.0 version in which he comes up is on another level. Rajini’s mannerisms and the manner in which he brings a change in the nitty-gritty of his role is just amazing.

Perhaps, no one could have done the role better than Akshay Kumar. The Bollywood superstar is mind-blowing as the evil man and elevates the film to another level. The manner in which the graphics have been used on him, his makeup and the fights with Chitti and 2.0 are way too good. Amy Jackson is superb as the humanoid and does her role perfectly.

Minus Points :

One of the basic minus points is that 2.0 Chitti is brought way too late in the proceedings. Also, the flashback of Akshay Kumar slows down the tempo at the beginning of the second half.
Technical Aspects :

2.0 is packed with a technical brilliance that it is very hard to put everything here. A R Rahman proves why he is a masterclass as he breathes life into the background score. Every character has a different sounding and the manner in which the thrills are elevated is something else.

Camera work is astonishing as the cell phone turning into a bird or the manner in which the a scientific effect is created is top notch. The production design of the film is just world class. Be it the lavish sets that have been laid or the whole scientific setup that has been put up, everything is just mind-blowing.

The VFX used in the climax is just out of this world and proves that Indian cinema is not behind Hollywood films and their standards. Editing is perfect and so is the Telugu dubbing done. The costumes selected for Rajini and Akshay are futuristic and create a wow effect for the audience.

Coming to the director Shankar, he has once again proved that there is no one better than him who can deliver such a visible spectacle along with a social message. The manner in which he has made a cell phone the key element in the film and played around it with superb VFX and engaging narration makes this film an adrenaline pumping experience for the viewers.


On the whole, 2.0 is a visual extravaganza which makes you go wow in every which way. Be it the international level VFX, the action thrills between Rajini and Akshay, lavish sets and amazing action, this films is one hell of an experience for the viewers. The film has a very universal theme and will be liked all over the country and break several records in the south. Barring the same old good vs evil concept and Akshay Kumar’s flashback, 2.0 is one film which should only be experienced on the big screen as scientific thrillers like these are very rarely made. What are you waiting for just book your tickets and watch the film with your family and have a whale of a time.