How to start commodity trading for beginners in india

How to start commodity trading for beginners in india

How to start commodity trading for beginners in india


NordFX is an international brokerage company offering a full range of online trading services in currencies, cryptocurrencies, gold and silver in the Forex market. Investments in global stocks with high income and with capital protection up to 100%, and RAMM, the newest system for the automatic copying of trade signals, are among services offered by NordFX.

NordFX is distinguished by minimal spreads, immediate order execution, and a leverage ratio of 1:1000, which is available for all currency pairs and metals. Fixed margins for crypto pairs are indicated in the account specifications. Accounts, as well as funds deposit/withdrawal are available both in USD, and in Bitcoins and Ethereums.

Starting from 2008, over 1.200.000 accounts have been opened in NordFX by clients from over 100 countries, and the company has been honored with over 30 prestigious prizes and awards.

Why NordFx ? 


Our Advantages

One of the key factors of successful trading is the correct choice of a company where you’ll open an account and do your trading. We’d like to highlight some of our advantages that can make trading financial markets easier, more effective and convenient


1) Broker with a reputable history

Established in 2008. Holds licenses to provide financial services.


2) Quick and easy account registration

No paperwork and office visits.

Simply choose an account type and enter your email address.


3) Lowest Spreads

Spreads for major currency pairs are 0.2-2 pips. This cuts your expenses by far and increases profits.


4) Wide choice of trading instruments

     6 account types and 37 Forex currency pairs, precious metals.


5) Total mobility

      Mobile MetaTrader terminals make it possible to trade anywhere.


6) Stability and reliability

Confident and effective trading due to stable servers and platforms.

Order execution is 0.5 seconds.

7) Multilingual Support 

Multilingual Support in Regional Indian Languages including Hindi,Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam 


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