Eat Better to Sleep properly

Eat Better to Sleep properly

Eat Better to Sleep properly - 

నిద్ర సరిగ్గా పట్టడం లేదా.. వీటిని తినండి

1. Almonds are rich in manganese, rhyoblavin and phosphorus. These make the insomnia problem away. Sleeping almonds can eat out of sleep, but insomnia may be out of the problem. Sleep is good.

2. The diet of milktopan is rich in milk. It makes sleep better. If you drink a glass of milk before sleeping on a daily basis, take a good sleep. You fall asleep immediately after falling down.

3. Nighttime rice and chapatis can be taken out of the insomnia problem if you take oats instead of other foods.

4. Kiwi fruits can be part of the daily diet and avoid insomnia problem. Sleep well.

5. Cherry fruits are good for sleeping. Every day you eat cherry berries or drink their juice.

Studies have shown that insomnia can survive at least two to three weeks after eating fish.

7. Eat bananas every day to sleep well. Insomnia may be far from the problem.

8. Walnuts are rich in manganese, copper and omega-3 fatty acids to help sleep better. Sleeping walnuts daily is an insomnia problem.